Chameleon White UI Kit

Chameleon White UI Kit

This kit contains 474 retina-ready user interface elements, such as buttons, sliders, text input and suggestion tools, a calendar, music player, and social buttons. The buttons are available in three states: normal, active, and hover. You can change the background to any light color, leaving the saturation value at 1-4%.

All elements of the UI kit are created using vector shape layers in Photoshop. The original PSD files are included, making the kit scalable and fully customizable. Besides, the pack includes transparent PNG files of all elements.

What is included:

– Retina-ready PSD file with organized vector layers – Standard-sized PSD file with organized vector layers – 474 transparent PNG files in standard and retina sizes – Read-Me file

Categories of the UI elements:

– Buttons – Calendar – Music Player – Sliders – Social Icons – Text Input, Sugestions & Action Icons