Business Bundle

Business Bundle

Items included:

  1. Business infographic elements (part 1)
  2. Business infographic elements (part 2)

Business infographic elements (part 1):

  1. 40 business icons: business trip, bank, time, knowledge, idea approved, low price, business grows, laptop, atm, cash, safe, pin code, credit, raw materials, wallet, business fall, business reward, rent, profit generator, work in progress, advert, capital, note book, risk protection, statistic, pc, globe, team, analytics, mobile phone, security, discount, cash, calculation, cart, office chair, business car, corporation tax, time, busket
  2. 9 tooltips
  3. 4 maps
  4. 3 tables
  5. 2 tabs
  6. 13 graphic schemes
  7. 3 timelines
  8. 11 graphs

Business infographic elements (part 2):

  1. 24 business icons: globe, wallet, bank, pin code, statistic, raw materials, business grows, knowledge, business trip, discount, work in progress, credit, pc, safe, analytics, business fall, atm, smartphone, cash, rent, time, bank, low price, idea approved, laptop
  2. 3 tooltips
  3. 2 maps
  4. 1 table
  5. 12 graphic schemes
  6. 1 timeline
  7. 7 graphs

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Business Bundle Business Bundle Business Bundle Business Bundle

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Business Bundle

Business Bundle