Brown Paper Labels & Tags – assorted shapes

Brown Paper Labels & Tags - assorted shapes

Here is a set of 24 large semi-realistic, graphic, brown paper elements useful for web or print projects.

They were made from good old, recycled, brown paper tape, extra wide – the kind you have to lick! The shapes were torn, and cut with scissors and pinking shears to get a variety of irregular, straight and zigzag edges. Then they were digitally manipulated to give an old-fashioned retro print feel to the texture, and to enhance the slightly undulating surface, which is also subtly accented in the shadows. Some are folded to give extra interest. They have a unique and original character when used with letterpress or distressed type and shapes.

There are 2 transparent PNG files, one with shadows and the other without so you can add your own. BONUS! The background texture is included as a JPG.

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