Bright Summer Website Header/Navigation

Bright Summer Website Header/Navigation

Squeezed is a bright summer/fruit inspired .PSD of a website header and navigation menu!

This header comes in three different colors: red, blue, and yellow. It is clean and Web 2.0 -ish with just a slight hint of texture. Layers are grouped accordingly for each menu and both layers and groups are appropriately named making it easy to change to a color of your own choosing or to remove items/textures. Each menu group also has a sample “hover” status for each menu button should you want to include a mouseover effect in your design.

This header/menu is 960px wide and (including fruit and light effect) is 340px tall.

The font used for the “Squeezed” sample title is Comfortaa, by Johan Aakerlund. You can download it here The other font used for the submenu is Verdana, which is easily replaced by Arial, Helvetica or your favorite sans serif font.

Message me if you have any questions!