Book Mockup Generator v1.4 Actions & Templates Set

Book Mockup Generator v1.4 Actions & Templates Set

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Generate your book and ebook mockups/cover with ease and speed with the Book Mockup Generator v1.0! It generates quality mockup images of 3000×3000px 300dpi resolution with just one click!

It takes advantage of the flexibility of smart objects and the speed and ease of use of actions! The main objective of this item is to AUTOMATE the process of creating the final mockup and allows you, the designer to focus on your JOB…the design process!

There might be similar items in GR or somewhere else, but what makes this item special is that:

-It requires NO special software! Just PHOTOSHOP! -It DOESN’T require PHOTOSHOP EXTENDED either! -No need to manually drag and drop graphical elements into smart objects. -No need to transform, rotate 3D thingys and adding up and aligning texture maps. -No need for 3D rendering! -This package also includes 5 pre designed templates! So, if you’re having a bad case of designer’s block, the one’s included in this package should help!

Let’s face it, as designers we don’t really need to worry about 3D thingy’s, shadowing, or smart objects. Especially if we don’t have the time! We just need to concern ourselves about typography, colors, and catch phrases and let something else do the rest! Well, then this product is just the thing you need! It’s just the thing WE need! ;-D