Boarom UI – Very Useful User Interface

Boarom UI - Very Useful User Interface

Hi, I’m Kemoboy!

I created this user interface to help you build a website very easily. The User Interface is easy to edit and customize. You can easily make new items using predefined layer styles ute, fonurile easy to modify, and icon easily customizable user interface make this the perfect base to start a website for your client very easily.

I created these usr interface to be responsive and fluid so that you are very easy to work with. All elemntele used can be reduced to what size you want, you can easily change the colors and transparency.

Menus can be customized as you wish, there is no limit .. you can change fonts, icons, style, transaparenta color and rearrange items in it very easily.

The User Interface using 1700 Grid system, which can make perfect for working in Bootsrap.

All user interface elements that are shapes, you can easily edit them.

The icons used are part of the package Awesome Font 4.1.0, these icons can be used easily, can be edited and resized very easily, which is a Type Face Icons. They may be included in the CSS style sheet easily. You have a tutorial on the website of the Font Awesome.

I have included in this 15 + user interface elements that will help you start a project very easily, no longer need you to create some useful items but only while you eat.

This was the presentation of the user interface “UI BOARoM” I expect you to tell me your opinion about it and do not hesitate if you buy this project and you satisfied with what you offer to give him a good rating, helped me a lot . Thank you.

Good Luck!

Font Awesome: link:’‘” Images are not icluded in your files Fonts; Open Sans link: “” Raleway link:””