Blue Sky – Lightroom Preset

Blue Sky - Lightroom Preset

Item Description:

Main purpose of this preset is to bring back those blue sky. It will also correct colors, give more appealing lock to your image, and will do lens correction. It will not do any damage to the image and will keep natural look. If any change needs to be done, or you just want to experiment more, feel free to do so cause all effects are non destructive.

Preset works great with RAW, JPEG, PSD and TIFF formats and can be used with almost any other presets.

Works best with sky oriented images, but you may also get very interesting result in other images.

Preset was created with Lightroom CC but it should work fine with Lightroom 5 and up.

Please Note: If needed all presets can be tweaked and customized anyway you like.

Item Features:

  • Lightroom CC
  • 100% Customizable.
  • 1 lrtemplate file
  • PDF Help file