Black T-Shirt Presentation Mockup

Black T-Shirt Presentation Mockup

This Pack contains separate mockup files for Photoshop CS5 and higher versions, + mockup file for Photoshop CC 2015 that use Artboards feature (all shots in one)

Black T-Shirt Presentation Mockup is the product that will help designers to create brand presentations not spending much time on it. Special Artboards feature. Photoshop CC ready! When you save smart object-all shots update simultaneously Just paste your design and get instant preview of 10 shots Save all shots as separate pictures with one click.


Artboards feature (Photoshop CC 2015) Reflection / Shadow layers Place Logo smart object Place Badge smart object Place Artwork smart object Photorealistic results

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1psd. file for Photoshop CC 2015 10 psd. files for Photoshop CS5 + 1Pdf Guide