Barcamp-Geekcamp iPad Magazine Template

Barcamp-Geekcamp iPad Magazine Template

Barcamp-Geekcamp iPad Magazine TemplateBarcamp-Geekcamp iPad Magazine TemplateBarcamp-Geekcamp iPad Magazine Template

30 pages Barcamp-Geekcamp iPad Magazine Template, The template its set for iPad resolution (landscape and portrait page layouts); 768px x 1024px – 1024px x 768px – 1536px x 2048px – 2048px x 1536px

so… 30 pages in 4 resolutions = 120 layouts!!!

This iPad magazine complements to my other geekcamp magazine version: Print and eBook!

CMYK @ 300 DPI – Print-ready (.indd) – Adobe Indesign Magazine Template (made with CS6 anyway IDML file is included for preview Indesign versions) check below info about previous versions. Help and documentation PDF included! Feel free to contact me anytime!

IMAGES USED: Images used for demo porpuses only, NOT INCLUDED on the package. Images under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic by Rodrigo Galindez Flickr…

ICONS USED: Oriental Meal – by Pack Yuuyake / Downloaded at Real Christmas (cookies) – by Eighty8four / Downloaded at IPAD 1 – 2 – by IconFinder / Downloaded at Coffe – by Benedik Downloaded at License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License

BARCODE i made it!

FONTS USED: PT Sans (free for commercial) design by ParaType Ltd. – Bree Serif (free for commercial) Copyright© 2011, TypeTogether – Fonts are included.. all license and download links included on a text file.


The template is set for iPad resolution (landscape and portrait page layouts) The template utilized Indesign CS6 liquid layouts features and alternative page layouts tool, these features are only available on CS6 version so this features will not be compatible with previous versions.. anyway i included and IDML file that you can use on previous versions and should work fine. Keep in mind that the layouts use liquid layouts tool and resize automaticaly to the page positions, anyway sometimes need to make some minos changes to get the layout perfectly resize or personalized like i did on the template. (but don´t worry it´s really simple to do and will not take you some much time),


Alternate layouts and Liquid Layout page rules, give you the flexibility to efficiently design for multiple page sizes, orientations, or aspect ratios. For publishing for multiple formats and sizes, you can choose a design strategy that suits a project best: Hand crafted, semi-automated, or fully automated. The degree of design control decreases as you rely on automated workflows. InDesign provides several enhancements for your adopted strategy to balance cost and control. I include a DOCUMENTATION and HELP file that will guide you on how to create and edit liquid layouts and alternative layouts. Also some video links for Adobe tutorials in case you need extra help!