Backgrounds Web Kit

Backgrounds Web Kit

A short description about my new “Backgrounds web kit” file

Backgrounds Web Kit

Added a video tutorial on how to install and how to use my background file

This file was created for every web designer that wants to work less when designing a web site, plus it can help you build an big number of web backgrounds.

It has 16 already built high quality backgrounds which you can use to build your web site, 34 patterns that can help you give your background a nice look and you can even use them in building other web elements (your choice) and 16 png files made from the existing backgrounds, if you like one of the backgrounds i’ve made you can take the png that belongs to that background (header or footer) and just use it in your website.

You can also make combinations between the existing background. That means that you have at least 96 background combinations Backgrounds Web Kit.

You will find more information about the file in the Help i’ve added in the zip.

If you like it just give it a try. Enjoy Backgrounds Web Kit

Rating is highly appreciated.

P.S. Don’t forget to look at the screenshots.