Art Triangles Photoshop Script

Art Triangles Photoshop Script

Art Triangles Photoshop Script

Easily create Artisctic Triangulation effects from your photos with this script!

This script creates a triangular mosaic from a photo. This artistic effect reminds “Crystallize” and “Cutout” Photoshop filters, but with triangles instead of the polygons. You get a High Poly version of your photo. It also reminds meshes and grids used in 3D models.

Art Triangles Script takes the photo features into account! “Smooth” areas of the photo will contain bigger triangles. Detailed areas will be divided to smaller triangles. This makes the resulting photo to look more artistic than usual Mosaic or Crystallize effects.

The script has 1 parameter: Simplicity. You can change it from 1 to 5. (Higher simplicity means: larger triangles and lower precision.) I recommend to run it several times with different Simplicity. This way you will create variations of the photo effect and select the best one.

Also after running the script try to change opacity and/or blending mode of the triangulated photo, there are lots of nice effects hidden there Art Triangles Photoshop Script

Please read the help file provided with the script!

Important note:

This script has been tested and working on English version of Photoshop: CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014.

(The script may work with some non-English versions of Photoshop, you can try it and check if it works fine in your particular case. If it does not work, you can switch the Photoshop language as described below.)

If you have a non-English version of Photoshop, you can easily switch it to the English one at any moment and then switch back again to your native language. This video explains how to switch the language:

Try this script in action!

Good luck with your creative projects!