Annabella Script

Annabella Script

Introducing Annabella, a thick and thin style handwritten brush and ink font to makes you addicted more and more on it. Cause i feel pretty addicted to these kinda font lately.

Annabella a brush and ink font that 100% handwritten straight from the paper to fulfil your handmade feels needs, it comes with so many Opentype Features such as Titling a fancy and big uppercase to make your headline or title shouts better. Stylistic Alternates just in case you doesn’t like the standard letters looks, there’s always a better options for you. Initial and Terminal Forms you still can shine with an lowercase too, Initial Forms are a lowercase with swirl at the front to open the words, and so the Terminal Forms are a lowercase with a swirl at the end of the word. Ligatures an auto-changer for double letters so it doesn’t looks the same, to maintain the handwriting feels, and there’s a special ligature on letter g and y too, you’ll love it. Multilingual Support All the letters inside are displayed in the preview of characters set, if your language letter needs doesn’t there, it doesn’t support your language.

  • Commercial usage allowed for unlimited projects
  • You are allowed to digitize the font for embroidery
  • Produce digital downloads & physical products for sale, gifts or yourself
  • Make personal or commercial handmade products to sell that includes text (paper crafts, wall art, embroidery, etc,)


  • Annabella Script (OTF & TTF)
  • Annabella Script Webfont. (EOT, SVG, WOFF)