American Graphic Styles 1

American Graphic Styles 1

American Flag Graphic Styles – Includes 10 Graphic Styles

Download File Includes: File comes with both CS4 & CS5 Versions

  • American Flag Help File.pdf
  • American Flag Working
  • American Flag Graphic
  • American Flag
  • American Flag

File Features

  • Graphic Style was designed using 96pt font.
  • Graphic Styles work best if there are no fills on the items or text before choosing a graphic style.
  • Fonts used in this document are not included, but are all free downloads from
  • Fonts used are as follows: Coda, Lobster 1.3, Pusab, JuneBug, Molot, Helsinki

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How to Apply Graphic Styles

American Graphic Styles 1 American Graphic Styles 1 What are Graphic Styles?
Graphic Styles are Awesome, thats what they are. In all seriousness, graphic styles are a set of styles that a user can load into Illustrator, and apply to all sorts of objects and even text. The limitations with graphic styles are endless, I hope you enjoy what I have done with them, and use them for something Awesome. American Graphic Styles 1 I take great pride in my work and if something is wrong with the item or not as described leave a comment, and I will GUARANTEE that I will work with you to fix it and make you happy. ENJOY!

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