Alphabet Set

Alphabet Set

Alphabet of 3d letters and numbers hanging on ropes Set contains 69 characters: – 26 uppercase capital letters (A-Z) – 26 lowercase letters (a-z) – numbers (0-9) – special characters: ? ! & % $ € £

Three layered PSD files.

Each character is on a separate layer with transparent background. Each character is at 4000×3000 pixel resolution. Special color mask included for each element. With that layer you can easily select the rope, white letter or the green letter outline. Use the Select / Color range tool in Photoshop to do that.

All letters and numbers are green. To change the color first use the included Alpha color mask to select the letter and its outline (without the rope area) and use the Hue/Saturation tool in Photoshop.

Create any word, number, or even price (3 currency symbols included) ! Place them in a row overlapping one on another and add a shadow for better effect.

Note: All letters are redered 3d images, so you can’t change the font.