AI Styles Collection #03D: Epic & Fun #04

AI Styles Collection #03D: Epic & Fun #04


Enhance yours works in just one click (These are not action). “Illustrator Styles Collection #03D: Epic & Fun #04” is a set of 16 great vectorial styles for Adobe Illustrator CS4 (minimun). Theses are applyable on any compound path and editable text. It ’s the perfect collection for create beautiful icons, logos, titles, illustrations and/or decorations.

Illustrator Styles Collection #03D: Epic & Fun #04” is very easy to use, just follow the provided instructions. Includes a complete manual (in PDF) that will help you to work better with Adobe Illustrator (“Working with Illustrator)”, and now, a new other interative PDF : the “Stylebook #03D” of all the items of this collection, for find, compare and see quicly the style that you need…

Win time and money ! Stop to search how make bevels or shine effects. All styles of “Adobe Illustrator Styles Collection” are using transform filters that create bevels effects easy to modify. Alls styles use lighting effect ! Choose the style of our choice and use-it as like or with your owns modifications. Just enjoy in one click…


All styles are very simple to modify. See the provided instructions for modify and create your owns styles.


All styles are fully scalable via the scale preferences of Illustrator. See the provided instructions for understand how works the scales preferences of Adobe Illustrator.


  • SC#03D-Epic& (Illustrator styles to load or open)
  • SC#03D-Stylesbook.pdf (Interactive book of the styles of the collection)
  • SC#03D-Resumen.jpg (Resumen of the collection in only one image)
  • readMe.txt (Documentation and help)

Extra bonus:

  • WorkingWithIllustrator.pdf (Tips and help for Illustrator CS4)

Be creative, enjoy, and please don’t forget to vote !

AI Styles Collection #03D: Epic & Fun #04