Aged & Rusty Sign Creator

Aged & Rusty Sign Creator

Easily create an aged & weathered metal sign with your custom logo, vector shape and/or text with these actions, with a choice of 4 different sign shapes or a custom sign shape made from the shape of your logo/image.

You can choose from 9 included different rusty texture overlays, add screws, easily change the wall background and colours.


  • 5 Sign & 3 Adjustment Actions
  • Various Rust Styles included
  • Overall adjustment layers
  • Adjustment actions to change Rust overlay, add background colour to transparent logos & add a Bevel/Emboss to the logo/image
  • Adds Screws to the sign


  • ATN file with 5 Nameplate & 3 Adjustment Actions
  • ABR file with Rough Edge brush
  • ASL file with 9 rust layer styles and other necessary styles
  • PDF file with fully illustrated instructions