Adobe Photoshop Define Multiple Brushes Script

Adobe Photoshop Define Multiple Brushes Script

“Take the Tedious Work Out of Defining Multiple Brushes”

Have you ever defined multiple brushes from several files and wanted to automate this process but found no useful automation technique?

I make a lot of brushes and in any series that I make I first design the brushes and save them as PSDs with transparent backgrounds and the name I want to give the brush. I usually ended up with a lot of PSDs which needed to be converted into brushes one by one. e.g. in my Circular Stitching Brushes series I had 20 PSDs and it would have taken a long time to convert theses into brushes. In this situation I tried using actions which I found were not very useful.

So I decided to Automate Multiple Brush Defining using a script. I wrote this script to automate defining of brushes from multiple opened files. Brushes are named as per filename without extension.

Once you use this script for multiple brush defining you will not want to do your projects without it.

Note: Even though this script can take any type of file that can be opened by Photoshop I recommend using PSDs or any file that can have transparent background.

Files Included:
DefineMultiBrush.jsx (Photoshop Script)