9 Templates For Round Ornament Creation

9 Templates For Round Ornament Creation

9 Templates For Round Ornament Creation Each template is named due to angle of segment and number of segments that form round ornament. So that:

  • 5_72_template.ai – 5 segments, each 72 degrees
  • 7_51,43_template.ai – 7 segments, each 51,43 degrees
  • 9_40_template.ai – 9 segments, each 40 degrees
  • 11_32,72_template.ai – 11 segments, each 32,72 degrees
  • 15_24_template.ai – 15 segments, each 24 degrees
  • 18_20_template.ai – 18 segments, each 20 degrees
  • 24_15_template.ai – 24 segments, each 15 degrees
  • 30_12_template.ai – 30 segments, each 12 degrees
  • 36_10_template.ai – 36 segments, each 10 degrees

More segments and less its angle so more complex the round ornament will be. For better understanding you can see “Screenshots”, where I’ve taken one ornament and places it into all templates – so you can see results. Video with explanations how to work with templates http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jd1Rn_bpzB0

UPDATE Item was updated due to adding special action in the set, that does all expand and cleanup process. And also i’ve updated keywords

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