9 Glitch Photoshop Action

9 Glitch Photoshop Action

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Some recommendations for optimal use of action: – Use a good quality pictures : – Make sure of the image size is 1000×1500 px. // if width > height make 1500×1000 px. // if width < height make 1000×1500 px.


1. Make sure you are using the ENGLISH version of Photoshop;

2. Go to: Image / Mode and check the “RGB color” and “8 Bits/Channel”;

3. The action work Just for CC and higher versions)


1. Open your image;

2. Open “Patterns” file;

3. Open the action (for that go to: Window / Actions, click on menu icon at the right and choose in list “Load Actions…” then find the action on your Windows/Mac OS X and open it;

4. Click on Quick Selection Tool or Use short key < W > (do not use CapsLock);

5. After selection duplicate the layer use cmd + j ( For Mac OS X ) or ctrl + j ( For Windows );

6. Then Change name to ‘Brush’;

7. Find action on the action list then open it and click play;

8. Wait a few minutes;

9. Then change the colors and contrast if you need;

10. Ready! just save.

—- For more detail information https://graphicriver.net/user/creatielement

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