7 Ebook Templates

7 Ebook Templates


A set of 7 different ebook/textbook templates, designed to be easy to use and customize.

Every template exports great to PDF for print and web and can be easily used to create your textbook in few steps.
Every template defines text styles for:

  • Book tile
  • Book subtitle
  • Page headers (dynamic: they change according to book title and chapter title)
  • Headings (3 levels: chapters, subchapters and sub-subchapters)
  • Title for level1 heading
  • Text (with and without dropcap, with and without 1st line indent)
  • Quotes
  • Tables (table header, table cells and table footer)
  • Boxes (box title and box text)
  • Table of contents (up to 3 levels, as well as the headings)
  • Image captions

As a plus, styles are defined for:

  • Table cell, table header and table footer (table styles)
  • Images (object styles)
  • Dividers (object styles; a few sample dividers are included in every template)
  • Boxes (object styles)

All styles are well organized in folders.
All the fonts used are free to download or come with a default InDesign installation.

Import your text, apply the styles with few clicks and you’re done creating your book!

Optionally, most features of every template can be exported to ePub (this excludes boxes, dividers and page footers/headers. Some manual fixes may be necessary to the exported ePubs).


The zip file contains:

  • 7 different INDD file, one for each template (InDesign CS6 and up)
  • 7 IDML files (for older versions of InDesign, starting from at least CS4)
  • PDF Documentation

Images not included.


  • A5 (but every template can be converted to any dimension)
  • 300dpi
  • 3mm bleeds
  • print ready

Updated Sep. 22

Documentation has been updated with an explanation on how to export with custom HTML tags