50 Christmas Gift Box Hi Quality

50 Christmas Gift Box Hi Quality

More then 50 Hi-Resolution Gift Boxes

Christmas gift box! – Very high resolution (2500×2500 pixels) with high level anti-Aliasing filter – 3 Optionals name tag/Labels – 7 color themes:

Buy This Gift Boxes Kits and you will get your Free Customizing Rendering in HiRes – Chose You color Box (Any), and Bow Color – Choose your Label – Choose your Camera Angle View

3 differents Labels – So you can name it, or write any other message

4 Differents View – Open Box, so you can put something into the box – Four boxes in one vue – Front vue with one Boxe – Up vue with One Boxe

Open and closed version of the box, 1 box, 4 Boxes - More Than 52 variations in total.... and more with your customizing Rendering

Make it your own Christmas present, or any other reason to offer a gift. Add name to the tag and your surprise inside the box!

Perfect for Christmas greetings! Birthday, St Valentin, Present…