5 Real IceCream Text Styles

5 Real IceCream Text Styles

5 Most Realistic Text Styles made with Photoshop. You can edit them easily and also can make more ice creams by mixing different styles. PSD, STYLES AND PATTERNS are supplied for each text effect. Styles are demonstrated in psd file inside so you can copy paste in your psd and just click and type.

These styles are build after a lot of research on real ice creams. Multi layered to make different ice cream effects. All patterns are hand made and pattern file is also supplied inside.

Best for Web Banners, High Resolution Print Flyers, Brochures, Banners.

From photoshop 7 to CS6 or you can use it in any version. Just make the layers needed shown in sample properly layered psd with folders representing different effect layers.

INCLUDES: • .asl File with many different styles used. • .psd (5000h x 590w) file with editable text and proper arrangement of layers in group for every effect. • Pattern Raw PSD Files and Pattern File (.PAT)

NOTE • HelveticaRounded LT Bold and Meltasstic fonts are used which is a free font and can be downloaded from many websites. Kindly copy paste it in google you will find it easily. Other than that it can look good on any thick rounded font.

www.dafont.com/meltasstic.font www.ephifonts.com/free-helvetica-font-helvetica-rounded-complete.html

• If you want to use these style on big or small text you can scale the style by going on the layer that have style, right click on (fx) find “scale effect” as the last option in right click menu. Scale it accordingly if you text or object grow bigger or smaller.

• If you have any concern i am always here to help you. You can write me a message.