40 Hires Christmas Balls Tree – 4000 Pxl

40 Hires Christmas Balls Tree - 4000 Pxl

Yes You can change All You want Because it’s Multi Chanel Rendering

Reflection, Ambiant Occlusion, Global Illumination, Shadow, Specular…. AND MANY OTHER

Uni-Color Bi-Colors Multi-Shaders, Silver Red, Silver Green, Silver Blue, Silver Green…

40 Hires Tree composed with Christmas Balls with thin line in Gold and Gold Caps (very Fine detailed)

Very high resolution (4000×4000 pixels) with high level anti-Aliasing filter

Make it – your own Christmas Tree, Happy New Year, Sales Promo, Present for every Day, or any other reason to make a Advertising, for sales, promo.

Perfect for Christmas greetings! Winter Sales…