4 Calendars Bundle

4 Calendars Bundle

4 Calendars Bundle

This is a bundle of 4 calendars which are currently on sale separately on Envato.
This type is supposed to be hung on a wall with a hole punched on the top edge and the months will be flipped up or down as time goes by.

It was designed as a regular publication but because it will be flipped vertically, the actual design is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise.

For preview purposes, the preview image as well as the Live Preview document are rotated to show the calendar as a final product. More than that, the Live Preview shows the pages as spreads to show the calendar as will actually hang on a wall.

There is a separate layer with the hole. Some printers require to specifically mark the cut-off hole contour, therefore I have designated a arbitrary spot color which is only the shape color of the hole. The hole layer is by default hidden. If your printer doesn’t require such technical intricacies, then you can safely let it hidden and just ignore it.

The calendar entries are for real and are set for 2014 with the last spread being an entire 2015 calendar. But each calendar figure is actually a separate box, so you could transform it for each year imaginable. More than that, each month have entries from the previous and the next month which are white to indicate that those are from another month. That color belongs to an object style so you can modify it at once for all calendar.

I have made also editable Illustrator and Photoshop files. Except for the Cover and the Back Cover each Photoshop and Illustrator files contain two pages corresponding to an InDesign spread. In Photoshop I have placed a green rectangle instead of the image. That rectangle is a Smart Object. This means that you can replace it with the actual image easily.

Except for the Travel Calendar all photos are for preview purposes and not included.

Fonts Used:
Liberation Serif (Regular, Bold)
Sansation (Light, Bold)
Riesling http://www.dafont.com/riesling.font

Size is 230×245 mm (9×9.6 inches) Text and photos are on separate layers for ease of use.
The calendars are worked in Adobe Creative Suite CC but there are files down to CS3, for InDesign. The same is for Photoshop and Illustrator.

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4 Calendars Bundle 4 Calendars Bundle
4 Calendars Bundle 4 Calendars Bundle

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