3D Servers – pack 3

3D Servers - pack 3

Hallo fellow designers!

I’m working on next hosting template (but if you don’t want to – try mine: http://themeforest.net/item/the-hosting/121198 – may save you work ) and I’ve got some “leftovers”.

As you can see on above little preview you get quite a few configurations (one 3, 4 with 5, 2 with 6 and 6 doubles with different colors) of servers. I would see them from the bottom as different hosting plans … named by color or whatever you want.

They are quite huge images … about 3000px wide, so I’m sure you will be able to use it also on printing materials – as long is not 20 feet banner on main street 3D Servers - pack 3

Pack contains .jpg files named i.e. only2orange and only2orange alpha which means you get alpha files to make it possible to use it on any kind of background.

To make your life easy I’ve prepared layers with those alpha files in PS and Fireworks ready to use (.PNG and .PSD files)

Remember – there are no shadows and reflections but I believe you can do them better and it gives you more flexibility in that matter.

Just for sure that you found what you’ve been looking for check my portfolio as I’ve got some other 3D servers.

Keep up good work