3D Photo Sphere Creator

3D Photo Sphere Creator

3D Photo Sphere Creator:

Total 4 different actions:

1st & 2nd action is only applicable for a single photo, 3rd & 4th action is applicable for three 3 different photos.

2 PSD file is included in the main download file, which will help you to create required dimension’s image appropriate for the action applied.

For 3 sphere action( 3 or 4 ), simply place 3 photos in 3 smart object layers in the given PSD file (Three Spheres). Then run the selected action.

For single sphere action( 1 or 2), you have to place only a photo in the given PSD file (Single Sphere).

File size before applying action: 900×900 Pixel File size after applying action: 3800×2600 Pixel

See the video presentation here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Azw6mUmvZM

3D Photo Sphere Creator