3D Creator Kit Panel

3D Creator Kit Panel

This is a ZXP panel extension for Photoshop CS6 & CC only although users of CS3-5 can use the supplied actions

& styles without the panel. To install the panel simply double click the ZXP file (you must have Adobe Extension

Manager installed).


  • 8 Vertical & 3 Horizontal angles to choose from
  • Unlimited 3D depth, just keep on hitting the button until you reach the desired amount
  • 9 Layer styles included or just use your own
  • Easy to install, the panel also installs the necessary files
  • Uses Smart Objects so your design is editable after creation
  • Option to save as a transparent PNG file choosing the size you want
  • Works with text, vector shapes, even photos & clip art
  • Add shadows in one click


  • ZXP panel files for CS6 and CC (NOT CC 2014)
  • ATN actions file for CS3 to 5
  • ASL layer styles file for CS3 to 5
  • PDF illustrated documentation