3D Bookshelves Actions

3D Bookshelves Actions

These actions make use of any shelves configuration you conceive. Moreover you can extrude text and any other shapes with the Render action but bear in mind that the actions were developed for shelves primarily.

The archive contains the template actions and the render action as well as a showcase layered psd set of two files(template and end result).

Keep track of your apps for Ipad and Iphone or keep the shortcuts organized on your desktop. If you want to use them for any other graphic element you can amp up the resolution and get print ready material, the details will hold out beautifully.

Fully customize template and end result. Please note that these actions give as a final result a 2d fully layered(and customizable) psd file not a genuine 3D element. However the perspective deformations are similar to a one point perspective with the focus on the center of the screen.

Includes a complete help/tutorial file with clear thorough details on how to use actions in general and how to use this set in particular as well on how to customize the end result.

For more questions and feedback please use the comments section.