35 HDR Lightroom Presets

35 HDR Lightroom Presets

This HDR Lightroom Preset Pack contains 35 professional presets that allow you to create HDR images directly in Lightroom.

Check out the sample images here and see what you can get with these presets.

This pack contains a total of 35 Lightroom presets and a help file.

-18 one click presets in three series: Neutral, Color and Pale. Classified “I, II and III” according to the amplitude of the tonal range and with “+” for increased microcontrast. Great for any type of images.

-6 one click presets “HDR Industrial” type, great for industrial and old city scenes on cloudy days, giving them a more dramatic effect.

-1 one click preset “HDR Sunset Village”, great for villages at dusk.

-10 one click preset tools, that modify partially the image and can be applied over the previous presets or any other: Dark skies, Fade I, Fade II, Tone Cool, Tone Cross, Tone Dreamy, Tone Vintage, Tone Warm, Vignette I and Vignette II.

They work with RAW, DNG, JPG, TIFF and PSD files. Best results with RAW/DNG.

You can easily adjust the presets to your own style or the needs of the image.

Presets may not work well on overexposed, underexposed or low quality images.