30 Realistic Makeover Props

30 Realistic Makeover Props

What does the file contain?

The main file contains 30 .png (transparent background) files consisting of 20 hairstyles (12 for women and 8 for men), 5 hats and 5 moustaches.

Where can you use these?

Use this great set of props (each strand of hair and all props are manually painted digitally) to give yourself a quick makeover. They can also be used in makeover apps & games.


  • 20 detailed and realistic digitally painted hairstyles
  • 5 realistic digitally painted hats and moustaches
  • .png files (props have transparent backgrounds), enabling you to easily map these props onto your pictures
  • Please click on the Screenshots button below the preview image to view the quality and actual resolution of the props

We also take up freelance projects requiring us to paint custom props (hairstyles, caps, hats, moustaches, beards and more).

Here’s the link to Realistic Makeover Props Version 1.0 – http://graphicriver.net/item/15-realistic-makeover-props/2889156?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=OuchPotato Buy and combine Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 and have even more variety of props!

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