25 Digital Social Media Icons Set

25 Digital Social Media Icons Set

The set consists of 25 monochrome social media icons:

Icons included addthis, delicious, deviantart, digg (2 variants), facebook, flickr, google, gtalk, home, lastfm, linkedin, mail, myspace, picassa, reddit, rss, search, skype, stumble upon (2 variants), technorati, twitter, yahoo, youtube,

Sizing Icons size is ~128×128, you can scale them down up to 32×32, all icons look fine in 32×32 resolution, some of them are fine when smaller, too.

Packaging: -All icons are saved as a separate .png files. -There’s also the all-in-one psd as well as png file with all icons (as separate layers) in one file. Psd file includes a few color presets.

Flexibility -Since the icons are monochrome it is extremally easy to change their color via altering hue/saturation hence they are very versatile. See all-in-one.psd for example presets. -Icons set works well with both dark and light backgrounds.