24/7 Twitter Background

24/7 Twitter Background


Do you offer round the clock support? Or are you living the 24/7 lifestyle of an internet entrepreneur? Or do you just like wide open spaces? Well here’s something for you.

A twitter background designed to emphasize the 24/7 life of any internet related business or lifestyle. The background vignettes from a daytime scene to a nightime/space theme. This background can also be used as a background for a web page or wallpaper.

:: Fully layered Photoshop file so the background and foreground elements can still be manipulated and adjusted to suit your color scheme.

:: Includes annotations on the PSD file and a PDF with links to download font used. Guides and an overlay (Guide Layer) will help you to add your custom elements so they are visible on most screens.

:: Profile pic goes on the left hand side along with your slogan/name or logo and bio. You can add more info on the right hand banner.

:: Design elements on the right are repeated 3 times to be visible on most screens.

:: An optional layer has been added if you want the bottom and right hand edges to fade to black

Can also be used as a web background when profile pics and some details are removed.