24 Pages iPad Tech Stuff Magazine

24 Pages iPad Tech Stuff Magazine

This is an InDesign magazine made for iPad and built using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. With those tools you can make a mobile device digital magazine and also publish it on (in this case) Apple website.

So, what I am offering is not an app, but the exact InDesign structure used by the DPS Tools (which are installed along with InDesign or which can be downloaded separately from Adobe’s website) you will be able to create and publish a digital magazine with.

I have provided only portrait orientation layouts. You can name your actual layouts as you like but please keep the _v for vertical tags at the end of each InDesign file name in order for the InDesign to be able to build the app correctly.

The magazine contains several inter-activities, which InDesign calls “overlays”. Although I have provided pages screenshots, those don’t show the actual interactivity that an iPad magazine of that sort provides. Therefore I have provided a video where I show the magazine as it appears on an iPad as well as a brief tutorial for using the InDesign Digital Publishing Tools.

You may find the video HERE.

Fonts used:
Resavska Sans (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic, Regular)

The size of the InDesign files are 1024×768 pixels.
The magazine was done in InDesign CC but I have provided also idml versions for each file. The DPS tools were introduced along with version 5 so you won’t be able to use any version below this. You will need also a valid Adobe ID in order to build your own magazine. The DPS Tools from InDesign communicate with Adobe servers and up to the publication moment the only preview you will get will be by downloading it from Adobe’s servers. That is why the DPS tools will require you to sign in.

All the photos are for preview purposes and not provided.

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24 Pages iPad Tech Stuff Magazine 24 Pages iPad Tech Stuff Magazine
24 Pages iPad Tech Stuff Magazine 24 Pages iPad Tech Stuff Magazine