2014 Greece Images Calendar

2014 Greece Images Calendar

This is a 2014 calendar illustrated with photos from the lovely Greece. The calendar dates are real for the year 2014.
The calendar is done in two variants: Photoshop and Illustrator. Each file is layered and fully editable.

Page size is square: 450×450mm, (17.7×17.7 inches). The file includes also 5mm all around bleed, which is specified in Illustrator.
The archive includes a cover a back cover and 12 files corresponding each month. It is supposed to be printed with blank back page making actually 28 print pages (evenly dividable by 4). If you don’t want to print blank back pages I have also provided alternative images which are placed in a separate folder within the archive.

All photos are personal therefore are included. Due to the file size limitation on Graphic River I didn’t embed the images in Illustrator and Photoshop files (except the Back Cover Illustrator page where I have embedded thumbnail images to match the size of the pictures there). Instead I have provided images in a separate folder and each Illustrator photo is linked to an image inside that folder. In Photoshop I have placed a grey rectangle instead of the image. That rectangle is a Smart Object. This means that you can replace it with the actual image easily.

The files were done using the new Creative Suite CC but the files are backward compatible with older versions.

Fonts used:
Open Sans

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2014 Greece Images Calendar 2014 Greece Images Calendar
2014 Greece Images Calendar 2014 Greece Images Calendar