20 Photography HDR lightroom presets

20 Photography HDR lightroom presets

Photography Hdr Preset

Photography Hdr Presets contains perfect high quality effect and image will looks better and beautiful.These presets were tested and adjusted to give you good results for a wide variety of images.The 20 presets pack of Lightroom Presets perfect for photographers and graphic designers. All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods. This presets work with DNG, JPG, TIFF, PSD,RAW.


20.Lrtemplate File

1. Text file

Working Software Version : Lightroom cc Version

Supported File Formats:

  • RAW format
  • Digital Negative format (DNG)
  • TIFF Format
  • JPEG format
  • Photoshop Format(PSD)

Photos for the preview images are not included for download. Used only for illustration purpose only. Photo Credit gose to :pixabay.com