20 Fashion Cosmic Lightroom Presets

20 Fashion Cosmic Lightroom Presets

Everything should be pretty straight forward. I have tried to make the item as easy to use.

Features: 20 Fashion Cosmic Lightroom Presets

– Professional and Quality preset
– Preset easy editable / customizable and adapt the Preset result to your needs.
– No modification of the original layer

– 20 Fashion cosmic Lightroom presets.

– 20 Fashion cosmic Lightroom presets – Lightroom Preset is a premium lightroom effect presets.

Attention: 20 Fashion Cosmic Lightroom Presets

This preset is created in Lightroom 5

Please Note:

That all photo effects work differently with each photo.

The photos used in the preview image are not included for download. Used for illustration purpose only.Photo Credit goes to

artjazz: http://photodune.net/item/handsome-businessman-on-black/2025545

novic: http://photodune.net/item/fashion/552288

yurok: http://photodune.net/item/young-woman-wearing-sunglasses/2641156

ollyi: http://photodune.net/item/businessman-in-new-york/3549754

matusciac: http://photodune.net/item/sexy-fashion-male-model-dressed-elegant-casual-posing-against/4318646

yarruta: http://photodune.net/item/happy-kid-playing-with-toy-airplane/4789544