190 Brush Stroke Vector Brushes

190 Brush Stroke Vector Brushes

Hi! Here’s a bunch of brush strokes for you to use in Adobe Illustrator. There’s 190 of them so you’ll always have the right thickness and erosion for any given line length and still manage to make complex illustrations while keeping each stroke different.

They’re agressive and vivid, rough but not clunky. Handmade by myself for a branding project I was working on, but made me such a great service afterwards that I really felt like sharing them with you guys. I think you’re going to love them.

The download contains: .ai and .eps files including the strokes in vector and brush format .png file with transparent background, in case you want to use them as bitmaps

I hope you find them useful! Please do contact me with any feedback and/or questions you might have.

Thanks! -Manu