168 Half-Brushes FX – Version1.1

168 Half-Brushes FX - Version1.1


168 HalfBrushes-FX” is an awesome collection of 42 unique pseudo-gradient brushes and 70 variations for Adobe Illustrator CS4 and newest: theses begin from black 100% to finish by a black 0% using 20 steps for simulating a gradient and allow beautiful effects of all types. Of course, all brushes can be colored by a simple click on the color of your choice.

Stop to loose time, looking for impossible FX !

Simply use this collection of perfect brushes for yours AD, apps, games or illustrations for win time and save money. The “168 HalfBrushes-FX” item is probably the most useful collection of brushes for Illustrator CS4 and more.

168 Half-Brushes FX - Version1.1

Enhance your works with just few clicks !

Brushes are stackable ! Add brushes of diferent style, size and color to a UNIC PATH and save your effect in a new style for call-it later on an another path. Easy and quick ! All theses technics are explaining in the provided manual “Working with Illustrator”. Tool and formation in a unique item !!!

168 Half-Brushes FX - Version1.1

Work with Illustrator and Photoshop together !

Some FX are very hard to create in Photoshop and more to modify after creation ! Now with “168 HalfBrushes-FX” you can create pretty brushes effects in a vectorial smart-object of Photoshop for use-it as an editable object in Illustrator. If your Photoshop creation change, simply update your vectorial FX in Ilustrator, winning a precious time.

168 Half-Brushes FX - Version1.1


  • 168-HalfBrushes-FX.ai (The CS4 file to load)
  • 168-HalfBrushes-FX-Resumen.jpg (A quick view all the brushes)
  • 168-HalfBrushes-FX-ReadMe.txt (Help and instructions)


  • 168-HalfBrushes-FX-BrushesBook.pdf (Instructions and brushes resumen)
  • WorkingWithIllustrator.pdf (Tips and help for Illustrator CS4)


Version 1.1:

  • 56 sparkles brushes added.
    From 112 to 168 Half-brushes-FX

Be creative, enjoy and please, vote after purchase !