15 Google SERP SEO/Rich Snippets Explainer Icons

15 Google SERP SEO/Rich Snippets Explainer Icons

15 Google SERP SEO/Rich Snippet Explainer Icons

Sometimes icons look great but they still don’t really help explain what the benefits are for the client.

Visualisation is very much in fashion and these brandable icons look a whole lot better that a grainy screenshot of some Search Engine Results Page when you want to explain that using rich snippets etc make your content stand out and improve CTRs.

For example, saying you provide “Google Places” service means nothing to the lay person, but showing them that you can make their website stand out a mile in Google using these icons you will gain more understanding and interest (and doing that in a color branded icon will also help).

PLEASE SEE VIDEO LINK HERE – http://vimeo.com/64074002 – for a demo of how to change the colors in Illustrator.

At the moment these are only available as vectors in editable format, (512 and 256 size individual .png files are included as well).

Any suggestions for new ones or improvements will be greatly appreciated, any problems please let me know via the comments or direct message via Envato.

Files Included – 1200px x 3600px main file in both .ai and .eps with color changer widget (see Video) – 512px x 384px .png in each of the icons below (15 icons) – 256px x 192px .png in each of the icons below (15 icons) – 512px x 384px .ai and .eps where you can change the colors within a document the correct size to instantly save as an icon .png – Tutorial Video for Color Changer included in download .zip file

SEO Explainer Icons Included:

1. Standard Boring SERP Icon (for comparison) 2. Google Places Listing Icon (Services) 3. Google Places with Google Maps Version 1 4. Google Places with Google Maps Version 2 5. Restaurant Google Places (Services) 6. Video SEO Icon (Services) 7. Video Mark Up (Rich Snippets) 8. Page One Domination (Services) 9. Google Authorship (Rich Snippets) 10. Authority Website Building (Services) 11. Ratings (Reputation Management) (Rich Snippets/Services) 12. Events (Rich Snippets – Event promotion services) 13. Basic PPC/Adwords Icon (Services) 14. Advanced PPC/Adwords Icon (Services) 15. Google Places Services Icon without Map

Note about the red box highlighters: you are able to delete, move change or add as needed.

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