13 High Quality Islamic Icons

13 High Quality Islamic Icons

Main Features

This set is the first of kind on the internet, it contains 13 different Islamic icons that covers most of Muslims activities in their life, you can re-size and change colors as you need to fit your design

The Icons are:

  1. Messbaha
  2. Kabba-2D
  3. Kaaba-3D
  4. Green Dome
  5. Qubat Alsakhra Mosque
  6. Sejjadah
  7. Compass for Qibla
  8. Minaret
  9. Hejab
  10. Crescent
  11. Holy Quran
  12. Niqab
  13. Meswak


These High Quality icons can be used for Islamic designs for (Websites, Apps, Printed Materials … etc)