12 Beautiful Web 2.0 Promotional Boxes

12 Beautiful Web 2.0 Promotional Boxes

This set presents itself with 12 hand crafted promotional box styles for you to promote your product, download or service in an array of styles. Use them on your website, in your presentation or for any screen based media.

All items are font and vector based an so they can be upscaled and downscaled as you please to suit your size requirements. Whether you’re promoting a new product or service or simply wanting to attract peoples attention to a specific notice, there is bound to be something you can use – whether out of the box or after a little tweaking.

Crafted using Adobe Photoshop CS4 but there should not be any issues with backward compatibility as there are only layer styles used.

Features include:

  • Sleek Web 2.0 graphic styles
  • All artwork is produced from Layer Styles in Photoshop and so this make customizing the look and feel a breeze
  • Fonts used include Myriad Pro Bold Condensed, Arial, Verdana & Trebuchet MS. Wherever a non standard web font has been used, such as Myriad Pro, a shape layer of the same phrase has been included below the type layer and is hidden.
  • Nicely layered and grouped Photoshop layers