11 Lightroom Beauty Brushes

11 Lightroom Beauty Brushes

Item Description:

Presets designed to enhance women/model face, skin and hair. With these presets you can apply professional retouching effects to your models with out going to Photoshop.

Set Includes:

  • Five presets for eyes (2 for blue eyes, 2 for green eyes and 1 for brown eyes).
  • One preset for Eye Lashes & Eyebrows.
  • One preset for Teeth and Eye Sclera.
  • One preset for skin (skin preset will clean and smooth out the skin make it look clean young and healthy and at same time it will save all the skin details).
  • One preset for Blushes.
  • One preset for Lips.
  • One preset for Hair

Item Features:

  • Lightroom CC
  • 100% Customizable.
  • 11 lrtemplate files
  • PDF Help file

Preset works great with RAW, JPEG, PSD and TIFF formats.

Please Note: If needed all presets can be tweaked and customized anyway you like.