10 Vintage Insignia Designs

10 Vintage Insignia Designs

This collection contains ten colored vector vintage insignia, created with carefully picked free fonts blended with hand made vector shapes. Giving the ultimate vintage lay out blended smoothely with modern stylings. It’s unique and colorful


  • Created with vector shapes
  • Free fonts
  • Very easy to edit
  • Well organized and layered photoshop file
  • Large document size

Links to download the fonts are included in the help file Please note that the images used in the preview are not available in the deliverable The insignia collection you get are colored as they are previewed in the image, They can be converted to monochrome but only the colored version included, if you need any help on making them monochrome don’t be hesitate to contact me via my profile page, it’s as simple that will take only a few seconds to do so

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Thank you very much 10 Vintage Insignia Designs