10 Premuim Metal and Grunge Text Effects

10 Premuim Metal and Grunge Text Effects

Hello everyone, here’s my new item for Graphic River.

Key Features
• High Resolution Texture
• No Blurred Textures even at large font size.
• No Sharp / Cut Edge
• Multiple Textures for better composition
• Very easy to edit
• Compatible to any font size.
• Additional Lens Flare for more dramatic effects.
• No additional plug-in and/or preset needed.

The Pack Includes :
1. PSD File
2. ASL File
3. High Resolution Preview Image
4. PDF Guides / Help Files

The font download links is located inside the main folder.

View the 100% Preview Image here : (Please download the JPEG file because every image hosting site is decreasing the quality.)
Set 1 to 5 – http://ge.tt/6eFQzsY1/v/0?c
Set 6 to 10 – http://ge.tt/78QUzsY1/v/0?c

Thanks a lot for viewing. I hope you like it. Please don’t forget to rate.