10 Lightroom Presets Vol.1

10 Lightroom Presets Vol.1

10 Premium Shadows And Highlights Presets Vol.1 contains 10 Lightroom presets. Those are Multi purpose presets to fix Shadows and Highlights in your photos ( Landscape, Seascape, Cityscape, Indoor pictures indeed … ). The presets are customizable and easy to use. Those presets can be used to create HDR effects Item includes a user guide to help you.

Note: I do not own copyright of the preview images. The photos are free to use, source (www.flickr.com).

Also you will get 2 presets with graduated filters one from the top and one from the bottom for more informations check the user manual.

This file contains: 1. Preset_1 2. Preset_2 3. Preset_3 4. Preset_4 5. Preset_5 6. Preset_6 7. Preset_7 8. Preset_8 9. Preset_9 10. Preset_10

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